6.11 License

This page displays information about license such as the product id, date it was issued, expiry details, and so on.

iPrint Advanced ships with a 90-day trial license. The type of licenses are:

Trial License This is a 90-day license to evaluate the advanced features of desktop and the features on the mobile devices.

Enterprise License This license provides printing from Desktop, Mobile devices, and any email-enabled devices.

The major features offered are WalkUp, Identity Card release, and QuickPrint (Web printing). An iPrint extension is also available to print from Chromebook.

Desktop License The desktop features are:

  • Print from Desktop (Windows and Mac)

  • Print from Chromebook

  • Email printing

  • WalkUp printing from desktop

  • Release WalkUp jobs from browser

  • Release WalkUp jobs from mobile apps

It is recommended that you apply the desktop license. On expiry of the trial license, the entitled desktop features will stop working, however, Micro Focus iPrint desktop features will continue to work uninterruptedly.

Mobile License This license provides printing from mobile devices.

You can obtain a new license key from Micro Focus Customer Center (NCC).

6.11.1 Updating the iPrint License

Apply multiple licenses, overwrite the existing license, or delete a license.

  1. Browse and select a valid license (.xml) file to upload.

  2. Click Upload.

    After copying the license file, iPrint server is updated. Restarting of the services is not required.

Replacing existing license file: Browse and upload a new license (.xml) file to overwrite the existing license file.

Upload additional license file: This option is available to apply an addition license (.xml). This functionality helps applying multiple licenses.