2.2 iPrint Manager Health Monitor Main Page

When you first access the Health Monitor, the main page shows you a list of all the Printer Agents and their current state, print job statistics, and the status of the iPrint Manager.

Figure 2-1 Print Services Manager Health Monitor Main Page

Use the following list to find out more information about the fields displayed on the main page.

2.2.1 iPrint_Manager_Object Context

Displays the name and context of the iPrint Manager that the Health Monitor is monitoring.

2.2.2 Number of Printer Agents

Indicates the number of Printer Agents serviced by this iPrint Manager.

2.2.3 Printer Agent Name

Displays links to the Printer Agent Information page for every Printer Agent associated with this iPrint Manager. For more information, see Printer Agent Information Page.

Current Status

Displays the current status of each Printer Agent. A Printer Agent can have one or more of the following status messages.

Table 2-1 Types of Status Error Messages



Error Printing

See Printer Agent’s information page for details about the problems.


Waiting for a printable job to print.

Input Paused

Printer Agent will not accept new jobs.

Not Bound

No gateway is attached.

Output Paused

Printer’s output is paused.


Job was opened by the gateway and is not yet closed.


Printer Agent is not accessible.

In addition to the status messages above, the column uses the following colors to indicate status.

Table 2-2 Status Color Indicators




Critical - Users cannot print to this printer.


Warning - The printer is available to users, but the printer or Printer Agent might need attention to successfully print the job.


Good - Users can print to the printer.


  • If the status is idle and color is red, then the gateway has not requested a job.

  • If the status is printing and the color is yellow, then the printer is not requesting data.

To configure how the iPrint Manager should handle the different status, use Configuring the Monitoring Thresholds along with the Advanced iPrint Manager Information page.

Jobs and Jobs Printed Since (for Printer Agents)

Displays statistics about print jobs for the Printer Agent. The statistical information includes jobs that are scheduled to be printed; the number of jobs that the gateways currently have open; and the number of jobs printed in approximately the last hour, since midnight, and since the iPrint Manager was started. These numbers are reset when the iPrint Manager is stopped and restarted. This information is useful when troubleshooting issues.

2.2.4 Jobs/Jobs Printed Since (for iPrint Manager)

This listing below the dividing line displays a summary of job statistics for all Printer Agents associated with this iPrint Manager.

2.2.5 Current iPrint Manager State

The iPrint Manager can monitor itself for potential problems. This displays whether the iPrint Manager is operating within configured limits. For more information on configuring the iPrint Manager Health Monitor, see Configure Settings and Thresholds.

2.2.6 Advanced iPrint Manager Information

If there is a problem with the iPrint Manager’s status, click the Advanced iPrint Manager Information button for additional information. Also see Advanced iPrint Manager Information Page.