5.7 Quick Checks

Some other things you can quickly check to ensure the settings are correct include:

5.7.1 Is the Printer Driver Compatible?

The printer driver associated with a printer can have adverse effects on the print system throughput and print quality of the output. This is often manifest in the following ways:

  • Corrupt characters on printed output

  • Slow printing

  • Print job printed but no output produced

5.7.2 Is my server at capacity for handling printing?

To determine how well your server is handling printing, generate a report of the Average Job Size Today and Jobs Printed Today. Compare this report to your baseline report. Now that you know if printing has increased or decreased, you can check your server’s current statistics against any baseline statistics to determine how your server has handled your change in printing.

To generate reports, launch iManager, and click iPrint > Manager Health Monitor > Advanced iPrint Manager Information > Generate Report.