I Using AutoYaST to Install SLES or OES

Micro Focus Consulting Germany in cooperation with SUSE Consulting Germany has developed a methodology to quickly and reproducible install SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers (SLES) and Novell Open Enterprise (OES) using AutoYaST.

This section describes the principals of AutoYaST and how to setup your own AutoYaST server.

In AutoYaST Work Flow Overview we briefly describe the different stages of an AutoYaST installation.

Requirements for Unattended Installations via AutoYaST discusses what is needed to build an installation framework, the repositories and the server providing them, the control file, that governs the installation; and how to use a Custom Boot ISO or PXE to initiate the installation.

Installing and Configuring an AutoYaST Server gives our recommendations on how to build an AutoYaST server.

AutoYaST Extended – The Configuration File Approach explains how our solution separates the classical AutoYaST profile into service specific XML snippets and configuration files and how they are dynamically combined into an AutoYaST profile at installation time.

All scripts and the configuration files are available at the CIF download site. Refer to Building Your Own AutoYaST Server to learn how to use these downloads to build your own AutoYaST server.

However, before you proceed, please read this chapter carefully to understand how AutoYaST is used as a part of our solution.