15.2 System-Wide Services

OES offers both Storage Management Services and services that are available as part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distribution.

15.2.1 List of Backup Software

Open Enterprise Server certifies the following backup software:


  • SyncSort DPX 4.7.0

  • MicroFocus DATA PROTECTOR A.10.91

15.2.2 Storage Management Services (SMS)

Understanding SMS

Storage Management Services (SMS) is not a backup application. Rather, it provides a standard framework and the necessary interfaces that can be used in developing a complete backup/restore solution. SMS helps back up file systems (such as NSS) on OES servers to removable tape media or other media for offsite storage.

SMS is implemented as two independent components that provide functional abstractions:

  • Storage Management Data Requestor (SMDR) defines the API framework, provides remote connectivity, and abstracts the details of communication between servers.

  • Target Service Agent (TSA) provides an implementation of SMS APIs for a particular target. The TSA provides transparency by abstracting details of the specific service being backed up.

    For example, various applications use the file system TSA to back up and restore NSS file system data and metadata (trustee assignments, file attributes, and name spaces).

SMS Coexistence and Migration Issues

The SMS API framework is available on SLES 12 so that there is a single consistent interface to back up file systems on NetWare, file systems on Linux, and applications such as Novell Groupwise, and eDirectory. The API set has been enhanced to include new functionality for OES.

Most of the SMS coexistence and migration issues are of concern only to backup application developers. However, administrators should be aware that SMS-based applications must be used to back up and restore NSS file system data on OES servers. Although NSS is exposed as a Virtual File System-compliant file system, the Linux interfaces are inadequate to back up NSS file system attributes, rich ACLs, trustees, and multiple data streams.

For additional information, see Coexistence and Migration Issues in the OES 2018 SP3: Storage Management Services Administration Guide for Linux.

15.2.3 SLES 12 Backup Services

Two SLES 12 services might be of interest.