G.0 OES Browser Support

As a general rule, Open Enterprise Server management tools support the following browsers as they are available on the workstation platforms listed in Client/Workstation OS Support:

  • Mozilla Firefox 64-bit (latest 32- and 64-bit versions) on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 on windows 8.1

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (Win7sp1)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (Win7sp1)

  • Apple Safari latest version on MAC 10.9

  • Google Chrome 21 or latest version on Windows 7 SP1

Table G-1 provides service-specific links and information about browser support in OES.

Table G-1 Browser Support in OES

Management Tool

Supported Browser Information Link


There are rendering differences for some iManager plug-ins between Internet Explorer and Mozilla-based browsers. For example, options that are accessed through tabs in IE are sometimes accessed through drop-down lists in Firefox.

Also, iManager plug-ins might not work properly if the highest priority Language setting for your Web browser is set to a language other than one of iManager’s support languages.

To avoid problems, set the first language preference to a supported language.


IP Address Manager (NetWare)

Same as OES Remote Manager


OES Remote Manager

OpenSSH Manager (NetWare)

TCP/IP Configuration (NetWare)

Same as OES Remote Manager