D.6 Completing the Server Reconfiguration

Some OES services require reconfiguration steps to be done manually.

Complete the steps in the following sections as they apply to the server you are changing.

D.6.1 DHCP

  1. Make sure the DHCP configuration in eDirectory has a subnet declared for the new IP address.

    For instructions, see Administering and Managing DHCP in the OES 2018 SP3: DNS/DHCP Services for Linux Administration Guide.

D.6.2 iPrint

  1. Using your favorite text editor, open the following configuration file:


    where DN_of_PSM is the name of the Print Manager in eDirectory.

  2. Change any entries that list the old IP address to the new IP address.

  3. Restart the Print Manager by entering the following command at a terminal prompt:

    rcnovell-ipsmd restart

    IMPORTANT:Users that have accessed printers through the modified Print Manager will lose access to their printers.

    If you have set up iPrint Client Management on the server, you can automate the reconfiguration process. If not, users must reinstall the printers.

    For more information on iPrint Client Management, see Using iPrint Client Management in the OES 2018 SP3: iPrint Administration Guide.

D.6.3 NetStorage

  1. At a terminal prompt, enter the following commands:

    • /opt/novell/xtier/bin/xsrvcfg -D
    • /opt/novell/xtier/bin/xsrvcfg -d newip -c AuthenticationContext
    • where newip is the new IP address used throughout this section and AuthenticationContext is the eDirectory context for NetStorage users. NetStorage searches the eDirectory tree down from this container. If you want NetStorage to search the entire eDirectory tree, specify the root context.
    • rcnovell-xregd restart
    • rcnovell-xsrvd restart
    • rcapache2 restart