D.2 Prerequisites

D.2.1 General

Before starting the process, be sure you know the following:

  • Old IP Address: The server’s IP address you are changing.

  • New IP Address: The IP address the server will use after the change.

  • Old Master Server Address: The IP address of the eDirectory™ server specified when the server was installed.

    By default this is also the LDAP server address for OES services installed on the server.

  • New Master Server Address: The IP address of the eDirectory server that the server should point to after the change. The old and new addresses might be the same, but you will be required to enter both.

  • Address of the Subnet for the New IP Address: This is a subnet address, not the subnet mask. For example,, not

D.2.2 iPrint

If your network users connect to their printers through the print manager on this server, you might want to consider setting up iPrint Client Management (ICM) prior to the change. ICM lets you centrally configure the iPrint configuration for your users. For more information, see Using iPrint Client Management in the OES 2018 SP3: iPrint Administration Guide.

D.2.3 Clustering

If the server is running Cluster Services:

  1. Check your plans against the prerequisites for clusters in IP Address Requirements in the OES 2018 SP3: OES Cluster Services for Linux Administration Guide.

  2. Follow the instructions in Changing the IP Addresses of Cluster Resources in the same guide.