D.4 Reconfiguring the OES Services

  1. Open a terminal prompt.

  2. At the terminal prompt, change to the root (/) directory, make the script executable, then run the script by entering the following commands:

    cd /

    chmod 744 ipchange.sh

    ./ipchange.sh oldip newip oldmasterip newmasterip yes

    where oldip is the old IP address, newip is the new IP address, oldmasterip is the IP address of the eDirectory server specified when the server was installed, and newmasterip is the IP address of the new eDirectory server identified in Prerequisites above.

    The oldmasterip and the newmasterip can be the same IP address, but they must both be included in the command. In the script these are referred to as Remote edir/ldap addresses.

    IMPORTANT:By default, the master eDirectory address (the eDirectory server specified at installation) is also the LDAP server address for OES services installed on the server.

    All services that are configured with the old master address as their LDAP address are reconfigured to use the new master address. On the other hand, if you specified a different LDAP server address for any of the installed services, and if that LDAP server’s address is also changing, you need to manually reconfigure the services.

    To see the IP addresses that your services were originally configured to use, use a text editor to open the files in /etc/sysconfig/novell/.

    As the script runs, it changes all of the OES configuration files and does everything else that can be done automatically to change the IP address for all OES services.

  3. Type the Admin password when prompted.

    You might need to wait a few minutes for the LDAP server to restart.

  4. When the script finishes, restart the server by entering the following command at the terminal prompt:

    shutdown -r now