3.5 Licensing

3.5.1 The OES Licensing Model

The only OES licensing restriction is the number of user connections allowed to use OES services on your network. You are authorized to install as many OES servers as you need to provide OES services to those users.

For example, if your OES license is for 100 user connections, you can install as many OES servers as desired. Up to 100 users can then connect to and use the services provided by those OES servers. When you install OES, you must accept an end user license agreement (EULA). Your rights to use the OES product are limited to the rights set forth in the EULA.

For more information on OES licensing, see EULA.

3.5.2 OES Doesn’t Support NLS

Novell Licensing Services (NLS) are not available on OES, nor does an OES installation require a license/key file pair (*.nlf and *.nfk). Therefore, in a mixed OES and NetWare eDirectory tree, at least one NetWare server must hold a replica for each partition where there is a NetWare server object.