8.3 Cross-Platform Issues for NSS Features

The following features of NSS on NetWare are not available for NSS on Linux. Use the native Linux alternatives where available.

8.3.1 Multipath I/O to Devices

The Media Manager solution for multipath I/O handling is not available for NSS on Linux. Use the Linux multipath I/O management tools. You should configure multipath I/O before using NSS management tools to create NSS software RAIDs, pools, or volumes on the devices. For information, see Section 15.0, Managing Multipath I/O to Devices.

8.3.2 Removable Media

Removable media such as CDs, DVDs, CD and DVD image files, and DOS partitions are typically mounted as file systems native to the Linux platform. Removable media and partitions are mounted by using Linux POSIX file systems options. For information, see Other Supported File Systems in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 Storage Administration Guide.

8.3.3 Transaction Tracking System

The NSS Transaction Tracking System (TTS) is not available for NSS on Linux.