1.0 Storage Solutions

Businesses depend on their data. You need a storage solution that easily adapts to your changing business needs. Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2015 SP1 supports several configured solutions and provides a variety of storage services that allow you implement a wide range of storage architectures, from the simplest small office file server to a complex, fault-tolerant, highly available data center. Whether you measure storage in gigabytes or terabytes, OES can help you implement the storage solution that meets your needs.

To find the right storage solution, you first need to identify your data requirements by accurately assessing your data and understanding its business relevance. Compare your list of requirements to the typical storage criteria described in this document to identify features in OES that address those needs.

The information in this section can help you find the right components of OES to create a variety of secure, flexible, scalable, and highly available storage solutions.

IMPORTANT:For a quick reference to all documents mentioned in this section, see Section 3.0, Storage Documentation Quick Reference.