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JacORB Known Issues

See the OpenFusion JacORB Fixed Bugs page for the list of bugs which have been fixed.

Known Issues

Problem Solution/Workaround
RMI issue with with JDK 1.5.0 When you build JacORB with JDK 1.4 and run JacORB with JDK 1.5, some unknown and indirection offset errors occur in the RMI area with the following tests:





Encoding of indirections

An enhancement has been added to the JacORB code to allow the encoding of indirections to be enabled and disabled via a flag in the config file. The default is for indirection encoding to be enabled.

An entry has been added to the JacORB properties file:

# Turn off indirection encoding for repeated typecodes. This fixes
          # interoperability with certain broken ORB's eg. Orbix E2A
JSSE idle_timeout with JDK1.3 Due to bugs with Sun's JSSE implementation when used in conjunction JDK 1.3, you may experience COMM_FAILURE exceptions when there are pending messages and the JacORB idle_timeout property is set.
Shutting down the OpenFusion ImR org.jacorb.imrutility.imr.RepositoryImpl.shutdown method has been amended to ignore the boolean paramter passed to this method. It will always shutdown the ImR immediately and future implementations will have the method API changed to remove the boolean parameter.
Using the compactTypecodes property Configuration of JacORB using the compactTypecodes property can save bandwidth when marshalling type code information over the wire. If compactTypecodes is set to off, then no bandwidth saving action is undertaken. If compactTypecodes is set to on, then names, member types and member names are removed.

While this improves performance and saves bandwidth it may cause interoperability issues with another ORB that does not handle compacted typecodes.

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