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OpenFusion JacORB



PrismTech's OpenFusion JacORB release is a full binary distribution that is easily installed and configured, with no additional compilation required following installation. The full source code tree for OpenFusion JacORB is also included. This gives users the ability to entend the ORB, perhaps to add support for non standard functionality or add new features to more precisely match their requirements.

Product Components

This release of OpenFusion JacORB contains the components described below.

JacORB v3.0


PrismTech's JacORB distribution is automatically enabled with SSL using the Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) from JDK 1.4.

The PrismTech distribution of JacORB v3.0 contains various OpenFusion enhancements and additions (see the Features Specific to OpenFusion JacORB page).

Documentation and Release Notes

The OpenFusion JacORB documentation is a collection of PDF and HTML documents which provide the information needed to install, configure, and use OpenFusion JacORB.

Please Note: there is no formal installation document for OpenFusion JacORB since it is installed (as an option) by the OpenFusion CORBA Services installation programs. Information about running JacORB with the OpenFusion CORBA Services is described in the OpenFusion CORBA Services Product Guide.

OpenFusion JacORB Directory Organisation

The main OpenFusion JacORB components are located in the following sub-directories of the installation:

Binary Compatibility between OpenFusion JacORB Releases

PrismTech's policy is to ensure that there are no binary incompatibilities between maintenance releases of OpenFusion JacORB (e.g. JacORB to - these are releases where the last two digits of the release number may change) and that OpenFusion JacORB jar files can be used interchangeably.

The test procedure involves building a test environment for a specific JacORB release (e.g. JacORB and making sure that all of the regression tests for this release run successfully; then for each subsequent JacORB release (e.g. JacORB, replacing the older jar files in the test environment with the new jar files and re-running the OpenFusion CORBA Services tests without re-compilation of the test environment.

The general Open Source community's policy which is also PrismTech's is that it is not possible to ensure binary backwards compatibility between major and minor ORB releases (e.g. JacORB 2.1.x.y to JacORB 2.3.x.y - these are releases where the first two digits of the release may change). OpenFusion JacORB jars for major and minor release cannot be used interchangeably.

Support and Contacts

Support and contact information is listed on the Support and Contacts page.

Copyright Notice

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