Specification of package Tgx.Ios.Work_Ios

 Package Name - : Tgx.Ios.Work_Ios

---------------- Distribution and Copyright -----------------
 Derivation   : MIT X Window System, V11.R6

 This Ada language binding to the X Window System inherits
 the MIT copyright. The following copyright must be included
 in all software utilising this binding.

 Copyright 1996, 1997 Top_Graph'X
 Copyright 1993, 1994 J.C. Mahieux, B. Maudry and Top_Graph'X
 Copyright 1987, 1988 by Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard Massachusetts
 and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Massachusetts.

 This implementation is made of pure Ada95 code
 with no pragma Interface with the 'C' Xt library.

package Tgx.Ios.Work_Ios is
   type Work_Channel is new Io_Channel with null record ;

   type Work_Channel_Access is access all Work_Channel'class ;

   procedure Open (This : access Work_Channel) ;

   procedure Close (This : access Work_Channel) ;

   procedure Trigger (This : access Work_Channel) ;
end Tgx.Ios.Work_Ios ;

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