5.2 Configuring Language Settings for International Versions

In addition to English, PlateSpin Migrate provides National Language Support (NLS) for Japanese.

To manage your PlateSpin Server in a supported national language, configure the language code for the operating system on the PlateSpin Migrate Server host and in your Web browser. If you install PlateSpin Migrate Client on a different host machine, configure the operating system on that machine.

5.2.1 Setting the Language on the Operating System

The language of a small portion of system messages generated by PlateSpin Migrate depends on the operating system interface language selected in your PlateSpin Migrate Server host.

To change the operating system language:

  1. Log in as Administrator on your PlateSpin Migrate Server host or Migrate Client host.

  2. Start the Regional and Language Options applet (click Start > Run, type intl.cpl, and press Enter), then click the Keyboards and Languages tab.

  3. If it is not already installed, install the required language pack. You might need access to your OS installation media.

  4. Select the required language as the interface language of the operating system. When you are prompted, log out or restart the system.

5.2.2 Setting the Language in Your Web Browser

To use the PlateSpin Migrate Web Interface in a supported international language, the corresponding language must be added in your web browser and moved to the top of the order of preference:

  1. Access the Languages setting in your web browser.

  2. Add the required language and move it up the top of the list.

  3. Save the settings, then start the client application by connecting to your PlateSpin Migrate Server.