12.1 Requirements for C2C Non-VPN Migrations

A cloud-based PlateSpin Migrate server does not require a site-to-site VPN connection between your local data center and the target cloud platform.

To use a cloud-based Migrate server without a VPN:

  • Internet access is required.

  • Deploy an Migrate server in the source cloud or target cloud, as appropriate for your deployment scenario.

    • Use the cloud marketplace template (for Azure) or the AWS Quick Start (for AWS).

    • Deploy the server manually on a virtual host that you create for that purpose. Create the Migrate server with a public IP address.

    See Deploying PlateSpin Migrate Server in the Cloud in the PlateSpin Migrate 2019.5 Installation and Upgrade Guide.

  • Public IP addresses are required for the PlateSpin Migrate server, the replication network, and target machines. A public IP address is not required for the source machine when you use the Migrate Agent. If you do not use the Migrate Agent, then all components need public IP addresses.

  • In the PlateSpin Configuration settings on the cloud-based Migrate server:

  • (Migrate Discovery) If the Migrate server is in the same cloud network as the source workloads, you can use Migrate discovery to add workloads to the Migrate server. Ensure that your network security groups for the source network and target network allow traffic for ports required for discovery and migration. See:

  • (Migrate Agent registration) If the Migrate server is in the target cloud network, ensure that your network security groups for the source network and target network allow traffic for ports required for registration with Migrate Agent and migration over the public Internet. You might also use Migrate Agent to register workloads if the Migrate server is in a different network security group than the source workloads, or if you do not want to enable discovery ports on source workloads. See:

  • When you configure a workload migration:

  • (Migrate Agent) Install the Migrate Agent on the source workload, then register the workload with the cloud-based PlateSpin Migrate server. See Registering Workloads and Discovering Details with Migrate Agent.

    To download the Migrate Agent, launch the PlateSpin Migrate Web Interface and click the Downloads tab. For information about installing and using the Migrate Agent, see Migrate Agent Utility.