10.5 Configuring Advanced PlateSpin Settings for vCloud

Some aspects of your PlateSpin Server behavior are controlled by configuration parameters that you set on a PlateSpin Configuration page (https://Your_PlateSpin_Server/PlateSpinConfiguration/) using the Migrate Web Interface. You can also access this page from the Web Interface, by selecting Settings > Advanced Server Settings, then click the link provided. On the PlateSpin Server Configuration Settings page, search for the parameter of interest.

10.5.1 Configuring vCloud vApp Template Name Used for Replication Environment

The VCloudAppTemplateName parameter in PlateSpin Configuration lets you configure the name of the vApp template used for the Replication Environment during vCloud replications.

By default, the value of this parameter is PlateSpin Replication Environment. However, if you have edited the name of the vApp Template to which you uploaded the OVF PlateSpin package, then you must set the value of the VCloudAppTemplateName parameter to the new name of the vApp Template.

10.5.2 Retaining the Cloud Resources For Troubleshooting Migration Errors

When an error occurs during a migration, cloud resources are either deleted or retained based on the setting for the LeaveCloudResourcesOnErrorparameter in PlateSpin Configuration.

By default, this parameter is set to False and PlateSpin deletes the target VM and its associated resources if there is an error during migration. If you need PlateSpin to retain these resources for troubleshooting and do not want to delete them, set the LeaveCloudResourcesOnErrorsetting to True.

10.5.3 Configuring a Custom Password for the PlateSpin Replication Environment for vCloud

The vCloudReplicationEnvironmentPassword parameter in PlateSpin Configuration lets you configure a custom password for the root user of the PlateSpin Replication Environment (PRE) for vCloud.

By default, the root user password required to access the PlateSpin Replication Environment is randomly generated and encrypted. To troubleshoot replication failures, you must access the PRE as the root user. Use the vCloudReplicationEnvironmentPassword parameter to set a custom password that overrides the default password. You can then access the PlateSpin Replication Environment as a root user with the newly set password.