PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 Installation Quick Start

December 2018

PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 is a component of PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2. It integrates PTM with one or more PlateSpin Migrate 2018.11 servers.

NOTE:PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 is not backwards compatible with prior releases of PlateSpin Transformation Manager and PlateSpin Migrate.

Use the information in this quick start to deploy instances of the PlateSpin Migrate Connector in your PlateSpin Migration Factory environment.

1.0 Deployment Guidelines

Consider the following deployment guidelines for PlateSpin Migrate Connector:

  • Deploy at least one Migrate Connector server in each source network (the network where source workloads reside).

  • For migration to VMware or to VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services, deploy a Migrate Connector instance in each target network to enable discovery of its target VMware vCenter Servers and their resources.

  • Configure each Migrate Connector server to work with your PTM server.

    • There is no set limit to the number of Connectors you can register for a PTM server.

    • Each Migrate Connector instance can register with only one PTM server.

2.0 Software Requirements

PlateSpin Migrate Connector has been written and tested on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 Service Pack 3 (SLES 12 SP3) servers.

You can install Connector software on different distributions of Linux that meet the software prerequisites. See Supported Connector Host OS and Software Prerequisites in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

3.0 Download

The installation files for PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 are available on the Micro Focus Downloads website. Select PlateSpin Transformation Manager, then follow the Download link for PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2 in the results. Use your Micro Focus Customer Center account credentials to log in to this site.

PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 installation files include the following:

Table 1 PlateSpin Migrate Connector Download File Description

Download File Name



Where xxxis the build number.

Contains the files to install a new instance of PlateSpin Migrate Connector 2 on your intended Migrate Connector hosts.


Contains a PlateSpin Transformation Manager Public Key for new installations of PlateSpin Migrate Connector on your intended Migrate Connector hosts.

NOTE:To install the Migrate Connector RPM without warnings, you must import the PTM Public Key file to your keyring on the intended Migrate Connector host before you install the Connector RPM.

4.0 Installation

To install PlateSpin Migrate Connector:

  1. Log in to the Migrate Connector host as the root user.

  2. Copy the RPM and KEY files that you downloaded to a location on the server.

  3. Import the PTM Public Key to your keyring.

    Launch a terminal, then enter one of the following commands as the root user:

    gpg --import <ptm-public-key-filename>
    rpm --import <ptm-public-key-filename>
  4. Open a terminal console, then install the RPM:

    rpm -ih <ptm-connector-rpm-filename>

    Ensure that you replace xxx with the actual build number.

5.0 Configuration

Configure the PlateSpin Migrate Connector instance to work with your PlateSpin Transformation Manager server. See Table 2 for a checklist of Connector configuration tasks.

Table 2 PlateSpin Migrate Connector Configuration Checklist

Connector Configuration Task


(Optional, recommended) Create a special-purpose user for each Migrate Connector.

We recommend that you create a unique user identity for each Connector instance. Having a unique Connector user for each Migrate Connector helps you more easily distinguish actions performed by the Connector instance in logs and transformation histories.

See Creating a User for Connector Login in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

Configure the Connector instance to work with your PTM Server.

See Configuring PTM Server Settings for a Connector in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

(Optional) Configure the Connector instance to work with a specific project instead of with all projects.

After you create a project, you can use its Project ID to configure a Connector instance to work with a specific project.

See Configuring a Dedicated Project for a Connector in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

(PlateSpin Migration Factory) Add one or more PlateSpin Migrate servers as Migration Server resources and associate them with the Connector instance.

In a PlateSpin Migration Factory environment, a Connector instance is required for automating migrations or tracking migrations performed on your PlateSpin Migrate servers. Each Migrate server is associated to a single Connector. A Connector can be associated to multiple Migrate Servers.

Users with Project Manager or Project Architect permissions can assign a Connector by creating or editing a Migration Server resource. See Connector in About Migration Server Resources and Associating a Connector with a Migration Server Resource in the PTM 2 User Guide.

Users with Administrator permissions can add one or more Migration Server resources to a Connector by editing a Connector in the Connectors list. See Associating Migration Servers with a Connector in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.

Configure Migrate Connector global settings. In the Web Interface, select Configuration > Migrate Connector.

Migrate Connector settings in PTM apply to all Migrate Connectors associated with the PTM Server across all projects.

See Configuring Global Settings for PlateSpin Migrate Connector in the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.