PTM 2 User Guide

The PlateSpin Transformation Manager User Guide provides information about using PlateSpin Transformation Manager to plan, execute, and monitor migration projects for a data center or enterprise. It includes conceptual information, an overview of the user interface, and step-by-step guidance for common tasks.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for PlateSpin Transformation Manager users who manage server migration projects. PTM users have role-based access to application options and project data.

Users who plan workload transformations are assumed to have a working knowledge of network operations, Windows and Linux operating systems on x86 and x64 architectures, and virtualization and cloud technologies.

Additional Documentation

For the most recent version of this guide and other PlateSpin Transformation Manager documentation resources, visit the PlateSpin Transformation Manager 2 Documentation website.


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Getting Started

PlateSpin Transformation Manager is a migration lifecycle solution for large-scale data center and enterprise transformation projects. You can plan, schedule, execute, and monitor server migrations across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. Its multi-tenancy architecture segregates data for organizations and projects, ensuring data confidentiality for each organization and project.

PlateSpin Transformation Manager includes PlateSpin Migrate Connector, which your administrator deploys in your migration environment to help capture details for source workloads and target platforms. In a PlateSpin Migration Factory deployment, Migrate Connector also integrates PTM with PlateSpin Migrate to automate migration of workloads to supported platforms and to track external migrations performed on Migrate servers.

As a PTM user, most of your interactions with PlateSpin Transformation Manager are performed in its Web Interface. Review the following sections to get familiar with the PlateSpin Transformation features and how to leverage them for workload transformation planning.

For information about managing the PlateSpin Transformation Manager application, users, and global settings, see the PTM 2 Administrator Guide.


In PlateSpin Transformation Manager, the Dashboard provides a variety of information about project health, transformation status, and planning events. Users and stakeholders can easily view the current progress of transformations for an entire project or for a particular wave or batch. The What’s Happening panel reports events in a specified period with links directly to their related tasks. Bookmarks,and Recently Viewed panels enable quick access to workload tasks and events of interest.


PlateSpin Transformation Manager provides planning tools to help you organize and schedule workloads for transformation.


PlateSpin Transformation Manager allows you to import information about the cloud, physical, virtual, machines for each transformation project. You can use each source workload’s configuration to define its appropriate target workload configuration and target network.

Target Platforms

Target platforms host the virtual machines for migrated workloads in your transformation project. PlateSpin Transformation Manager discovers resources available for the platform, such as networks and storage.


For each project, the Project Manager can define resources that are available for planning transformations. Resources include credentials, migration servers, and environments.