17.1 About the Connectors List

On the System Configuration > Connectors page in PlateSpin Transformation Manager, you can view a list of Migrate Connector instances that are currently registered with the PTM Server. It reports the current health status of the connection between them.


The host name of the PlateSpin Migrate Connector host server.

IP Address

The IP address and FQDN of the host server of this Connector instance. The IP address also appears in the FQDN position if the FQDN is unknown.


The project assignment for the Migrate Connector instance. An instance can be assigned at the to a single project.

The second row displays the login name of the User object credentials configured for the Connector instance. This login name is used to connect to the PTM Server.


The health of the connector reports whether the PTM Server can communicate with the Migrate Connector instance. Valid values are OK or Warning. Table 17-1 identifies typical warning messages and actions.

Table 17-1 Common Connector Warnings

Warning Status

Sub Status


Needs Additional Info

No Migration Servers

Migration Server associations are required to submit automated migrations or to track external manual migrations on PlateSpin Migrate servers.

No Heartbeat

Last Contact: Month dd, yyyy, h:mm <AM|PM>

The Connector heartbeat signal is sent at 5-minute intervals. If the heartbeat signal is lost, verify that the PlateSpin Migrate Connector service is running on the Connector host server.

Verify connectivity between the PTM Server and the Migrate Connector.

Unable to Connect


Verify connectivity between the PTM Server and the Migrate Connector.

The second row displays the date and time of the last heartbeat received from the Connector. The Connector sends a heartbeat to PTM every 5 minutes.

NOTE:If an invalid Project ID is used in the Migrate Connector configuration file, PTM Server rejects the connection and the Connector does not appear in the list. When PTM rejects the connection, the Connector service writes a message to the Connector log and shuts down. If the Connector has previously checked in to the PTM Server with a valid Project ID (or was configured to serve all projects), the Connector might be listed with a heartbeat failure.