5.5 Viewing License Status for a Workload

The Workload dialog reports the license state for the currently selected workload in the lower right of the header area. See Table 5-1 for information about license states for workloads.

Table 5-1 Workload License States


License State


Not licensed

The workload has been imported, and you have not yet edited the transformation plan information for the workload.


You edited some information about the imported workload by using the Workload dialog or a Bulk Edit. A license is assigned permanently to this workload.

Mouse over the icon to see the date the license was consumed. The license never expires.

License is not available

You have not yet edited information for the imported workload. Because no workload licenses are currently available, any edits you attempt for the workload cannot be saved.

NOTE:Notify the System Administrator that licenses are not available.