PTM 2019.5 Administrator Guide

  PTM 2019.5 Administrator Guide
    Getting Started
      Overview of PlateSpin Transformation Manager
        Inherent Challenges for Workload Transformation
        Benefits of Using Transformation Manager for Large-Scale Transformations
        PlateSpin Migration Factory
        PlateSpin Discovery
        Transformation Methods
        Transformation Planning Workflow
        Web Interface
        Key Administrative Tasks in the Web Interface
        What’s Next
      Planning for PlateSpin Transformation Manager
        PlateSpin Migration Factory Requirements
        Network Connectivity and Access Requirements
        Security Guidelines
      Getting Started Checklist for Administrator Users
      Using the Web Interface
        Prerequisites for Using the Web Interface
        Accessing the Web Interface
        Web Interface Toolbar
        Global Project Selector
        Bulk Actions
        Show Link for Navigation URLs
        Custom Display and Filters for Lists
        Custom Filter or Search for a Lists
        Scrolling Up and Down in Lists
        Multiple Item Selection in Lists
      Configuring Global Settings for PlateSpin Migrate Connector
        About Global Options for Connectors
        Viewing Global Migrate Connector Settings
        Configuring Global Settings for Migrate Connector
      Configuring Operating Systems
        About Operating System Types
        Viewing the List of Operating System Types
        Creating an Operating System Type
        Editing an Operating System Type
        Deleting an Operating System Type
      Overview of PlateSpin User Management
        Administrator Users
        System Users and Organization Users
        Example: Digital Airlines Users
      Managing Organizations
        About Organizations
        Viewing an Organization
        Creating an Organization
        Uploading an Organization Logo
        Editing an Organization
        Removing an Organization
      Managing Users
        About Users
        Viewing Users
        Creating a User
        Creating a User for Connector Login
        Editing a User
        Changing a User Password
        Removing a User
      Managing Groups
        About Groups
        Viewing Groups
        Viewing Group Membership for a User
        Creating a Group
        Editing a Group
        Removing a Group
      Roles and Permissions
      Overview of Project Planning
        Planning Waves and Batches
        Prerequisites for Planning
        Granting Access
        Transforming Workloads
        Scheduling Dates
      Managing Projects
        About Projects
        Prerequisites for Projects
        Viewing a Project
        Creating a Project
        Editing a Project
        Configuring Custom Field Names for a Project
        Configuring Project Associations
        Deleting a Project
    PlateSpin Migrate Connector
      Planning for PlateSpin Migrate Connector
        Key Features
        Migrate Connector Requirements
      Deploying PlateSpin Migrate Connector
        Downloading PlateSpin Migrate Connector Software
        Installing PlateSpin Migrate Connector
        Uninstalling PlateSpin Migrate Connector
        Configuring Proxy Client Settings for Migrate Connector Hosts
      Configuring PlateSpin Migrate Connector
        About Migrate Connector Configuration Options
        Configuring PTM Server Settings for a Connector
        Configuring a Dedicated Project for a Connector
        Configuring the PTM User Credentials Used by a Connector
        Setting the Logging Level for the Connector
        Associating Migration Servers with a Connector
        Associating a Connector with a Migration Server Resource
      Monitoring Connectors
        About the Connectors List
        Viewing Migrate Connector Assignments
        Editing the Connector Description
        Adding or Removing Migration Server Associations with a Connector
        Viewing or Deleting Workload Associations for a Connector
        Viewing Migrate Connector Connection Status
        Deleting a Connector Instance from PTM
        Troubleshooting Migrate Connector Connections
        Starting, Stopping, or Restarting the Connector Service
        Setting the Connector Service Startup as Automatic or Manual on the Appliance
      Troubleshooting the Connector
        Troubleshooting Transformation Workflow Errors
        Viewing Connector Logs
        Downloading Connector Log Files on the Appliance
    Legal Notice