PTM 2019.5 Appliance Guide

  PTM 2019.5 Appliance Guide
    Deploy PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance
      PTM Appliance Requirements
        Appliance Virtualization Host Environment
        PTM Server
        PTM Database
        PTM Appliance Management Console
        PTM Web Interface
        Event Messages
        PlateSpin Migrate Connector
        Network Access and Communications
      Deploying the PTM Appliance
        Downloading the PTM Software
        Deploying the Appliance on Your Virtualization Host
        Configuring the Appliance
      Configuring PTM Server
        Initial PTM Server Configuration
      Post-Installation Tasks for PTM Appliance
        Configure Proxy Client Settings
        Add a Signed Digital Certificate to the PTM Appliance
        Change the SCSI Controller to VMware Paravirtual SCSI for Hard Disk 2
        View or Modify Appliance Settings
        Get Started with PTM
        Get Started with PlateSpin Migrate Connector
      Configuring PlateSpin Migrate Connector
        Configuring the Connector on the PTM Appliance
        Associating the Connector with Migration Server Resources
        Monitoring the Connector in PTM
    (Optional) Deploy PlateSpin Migrate Connector Appliance
      Connector Appliance Requirements
        Planning for a Connector Appliance
        Operating System License
        Connector Appliance Requirements
        Network Connectivity and Access Requirements
      Deploying a Connector Appliance
        Deploying a Connector Appliance
        Disabling Unused Services on the Connector Appliance
        Configuring the Connector to Work with Your PTM Server
      Post-Installation Tasks for a Connector Appliance
        Configuring Proxy Client Settings for the Connector Appliance
        Add a Signed Digital Certificate to the Connector Appliance
        View or Modify Connector Appliance Settings
        Associating the Connector with Migration Server Resources
        Monitoring the Connector in PTM
    Manage PTM Server Application
      Managing PTM Server
        Administrative Users for the Web Interface
        Web Server Configuration
        Web Interface Session Timeout
        Stopping, Starting, or Restarting PTM Service
        Stopping, Starting, or Restarting Migrate Connector Service
        Reconfigure PTM Server
      Configuring a Custom UI Theme for the Web Interface
        Configurable Theme Components
        Setting Up Your Custom Theme
        Resetting Your Custom Theme after an Upgrade
    Manage the Appliance
      Managing the Appliance
        Administrative Passwords
        System Services
        Digital Certificates
        /var Mount Configuration
        Reboot or Shutdown
      Patching the Appliance
        Field Patch
        Online Update
        Product Upgrade
    Upgrade PlateSpin Transformation Manager
      PTM Appliance Upgrade Requirements
        Supported Upgrade Paths
        Replacement PTM Appliance Requirements
        PTM Upgrade Process Overview
      Preparing for Upgrade
        Prerequisite Tasks for Upgrade
        Back Up Data from the PTM Database
        Save Local Connector Settings
        Save Jetty Settings
        Save Customized Default Theme Files
        Archive Essential Configuration Files
      Replacing the PTM Appliance VM
        Before You Deploy a Replacement Appliance VM
        Deploying a Replacement Appliance VM
        Restore the Data and Settings
        Remove Disk 3 from the PTM Appliance VM
      Upgrade Remote PlateSpin Migrate Connectors
      Upgrading PlateSpin Migrate Servers
      Post-Upgrade Tasks
    Legal Notice