1.1 Finding Information Specific to your Deployment Environment

Use these guidelines to find the sections that pertain to your deployment environment.

If you are using...


A share that users install from

Setting up a simple deployment in this guide.

A reference image

Information about how to select installation options and how to customize settings in the Reflection Help:


Get Started

How Do I?

Group Policy

Information about how to install and use templates for locking down Reflection and instructions for publishing:

Control Access to Settings and Controls with Microsoft Group Policy

Publish with Active Directory


Information about setup and instructions for deploying on the Setup command line:

Setting up the Reflection Administrative Tools

Deploy with the Reflection Setup program

MSI Command line

Information about prerequisites when deploying with MSI directly.

Deploy with MSI

Host Access Management Server

Information about setting up Reflection to use centrally managed sessions.

Using a Centralized Management Server