3.5.3 Set up QuickPads

A QuickPad is a small window that you can load during a session. QuickPads can contain text, buttons, bitmaps, icons, and other graphic elements. The buttons and icons on QuickPads can be linked to any of the Actions available in the Select Action Dialog Box.

How To Use QuickPads in Reflection Desktop (4:07)

To create a QuickPad

  1. Under Terminal Appearance, click Manage QuickPads.

  2. Click Create a new QuickPad.

  3. Use the QuickPad Designer to configure your QuickPad.

  4. Click OK. Use the Save As dialog box to save your QuickPad file (*.rqpx).

To add a QuickPad to your session

  1. From the Manage QuickPads dialog box, click QuickPad Selection.

  2. In the Available QuickPads list, select the QuickPad and click OK.

    The QuickPad is now set to display when you open new sessions using this document.