6.1 Reflection X Advantage Domain Components

A Reflection X Advantage domain typically involves more than one computer.

The Administrative Console Used by domain administrators to set up and centrally manage the domain. This application is typically installed on the domain controller. You can also install it on additional workstations to manage the domain from those computers.

X Manager for Domains Used by domain users to run and configure sessions.

Domain Controller The domain controller runs the Reflection X service, including the domain controller process. The service runs continuously and listens for requests to access the domain. The database that centrally stores session information is located on the domain controller.

Domain Node A domain node runs the Reflection X service and supports Remote Session Services. The domain controller can act as a domain node. In addition you can create additional nodes by installing the Reflection X service (without the domain controller feature) and joining the node to the domain using the rxsconfig utility.

X client host This is the computer running your X client application.

NOTE:Because you can install Reflection X Advantage on Linux computers, you can install any or all of the domain components described above on this host.