What's New

Auto-suggest modern controls
Rumba+ Desktop learns upon user interaction and sends a notification to users whenever a field can be modernized. Click the notification to add the new control on the screen.
Unredact data on request
Should users need to access a redacted data because of any regulation. Click on it to access the data. This action is logged for auditing purposes.
TLS 1.3 ready
Rumba+ Desktop supports TLS 1.3 with the Micro Focus Security Component. When Microsoft supports it on Windows, it will also be available through the Microsoft Crypto API.
Tab order in modern controls
Decide in which order users are to navigate through modern controls.
Auto-tab in modern controls
When a field is full, the next field to be filled is decided automatically.
Update of the UI
Rumba+ Desktop has a new UI following the current UX trend. Old configuration dialogs are being moved to a central place for better administration.
Human readable Rumba+ Desktop profile
Rumba+ Desktop profile file is now based on XML and is human readable. It can be edited without the need of any Rumba+’s API or DLL.
Preview Feature
Pilot of in-session authentication
Reauthenticate a user before they get access to a given screen to ensure user identity.
Request a manager validation before a user validates a transaction.
Authentication methods:
  • Password
  • OTP
  • Mobile
  • Multi-Factor