What's New

Rumba+ 64-Bit Add-On
The Rumba+ 64-Bit Add-On helps you to migrate 32-bit Rumba+ Development Environment (RDE) applications to work under Windows 64-bit. The Add-On, RumbaAddon64.exe, therefore allows you to continue to use your current RDE or HLLAPI applications in a Windows 64-bit environment, such as Microsoft Office.
Excel and FTP
Ability to use Rumba+ FTP control in 64-bit Excel.
Management & Access
Ability to launch Rumba+ Desktop sessions from the Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS) links list web page. Ability to launch Rumba+ Desktop sessions from a URI.
User Interface
Rumba+ Desktop has a new user interface (UI) following the current market recommendations. Old configuration dialogs are being moved to a central place for better administration.
Session configuration files
Ability to update Rumba+ Desktop session configuration files without running Rumba+ or using Rumba+ APIs.
AS/400 FTX secured protocol
Added support for secured protocol in AS/400 file transfer.
Sensitive data
Ability to select screen areas to dynamically configure data redaction for sensitive data.
Ability to easily configure selected fields for Auto-complete.