Creating a transform using Orca

  1. Start Orca.
  2. Click File > Open and select the Rumba .msi file.
    Note: From Rumba 9.5, only Rumba .exe files are provided. To extract the .msi file from the .exe install package, run the following command:

    <absolute_path>\<Rumba_install_file>.exe /a [/v"[TARGETDIR=<path>] [/q[n|b|r|f]]"]

    for example:

    C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Rumba_Office.exe /a /v"TARGETDIR=C:\ExtractedRumbaFolder /qn"

    The Rumba.msi file is extracted to C:\ExtractedRumbaFolder.

  3. Select Transform > New Transform.
  4. Navigate to the table or tables you want to edit, then modify values or create new rows as appropriate.
  5. Select Transform > Generate Transform.
  6. In the Save Transform As dialog box, type a name for the transform and click Save.

    The Rumba.msi transformed by window appears.