Rumba APPC Configuration

The APPC Configuration tool helps you build a configuration file for the Rumba SNA engine. This configuration file defines the elements listed below. Each of these elements is discussed in this section.

The figure below shows the Rumba APPC Configuration window:

Because the Rumba APPC Configuration tool uses a feature-rich graphical user interface, when you make an addition, change, or deletion, you only need to select a box and click a button.

The Rumba APPC Configuration tool saves configuration parameters in a file with a .cfg extension. You can save as many configurations as you need for distribution later, or you can build an administrator override configuration file for your users.

With the Rumba APPC Configuration Tool, you can set values for different local and remote environments. For CPI-C, you can add or modify side information entries. You also have the option of assigning user IDs and passwords to incoming remote transaction programs.