AS/400 Link page


The table below describes the parameters on the AS/400 Link page of the Link Configuration dialog box.

Parameter Description
AS/400 Information
System Name Displays the alias for the AS/400. This name is added to the list of configured connections on the Rumba Router page.

For example, if you connect to a computer called S1001234, you could call the computer Bill instead of S1001234. By default, this name is used as the LU Name on the Advanced page, although you can change this at any time.

To change the System Name or other connection parameters later, select it from the System page, then click Properties. If you are going through an adjacent network node (system) via an APPN connection to another system, enter the name of the target system.

Link Type Displays the link types you can use to connect. You must select a link type to complete the connection configuration.

Your choice of link type depends on your hardware and software configuration, as well as the type of connection you need. If you do not know which link type to use, check with your system administrator.