VT codes sent by top-row function keys

Legend Key number Code sent
Hold F1 CSI 11~
Print F2 CSI 12~
Set-Up F3 CSI 13~
Session F4 CSI 14~
Break F5 CSI 15~
F6 F6 CSI 17~
F7 F7 CSI 18~
F8 F8 CSI 19~
F9 F9 CSI 20~
F10 F10 CSI 21~
F11 (ESC) F11 CSI 23~
F12 (BS) F12 CSI 24~
F13 (LF) F13 CSI 25~
F14 F14 CSI 26~
Help F15 CSI 28~
Do F16 CSI 29~
F17 F17 CSI 31~
F18 F18 CSI 32~
F19 F19 CSI 33~
F20 F20 CSI 34~

F1 through F5 are local function keys that do not send codes, except when configured to send codes. To see the assigned local keys in the UNIX Display:

  1. Options > Terminal.
  2. Click the Key Assignments tab.