Migration issues and directory locations

User-defined files and configuration files
User-defined files and configuration files reside in different locations in Rumba versions before 7.0. To support Windows roaming, we classify each of these files according to their scope and function. For example:
  • Per user: Each user has their own version of a file and this file can roam with the user.
  • Machine-specific: This file only relates to the machine that the product is currently installed on and cannot roam with the user.

These locations are configurable.

For detailed information on Rumba file locations on supported platforms, see File locations.

Rumba installations before Rumba 7.0
Rumba detects the existence of previous 32-bit Rumba and OnWeb Web-to-Host products. Installation does not continue until these are removed. For large SCCM deployments, it is strongly advised that you create separate SCCM packages for removing previous versions of the product and installing the new version.