Overview of Rumba Router

Using the Rumba Router provides you with support for a wider range of client-based applications and connectivity types. By processing API commands on the client workstation, the Rumba Router takes advantage of the benefits of distributed computing to enhance both the performance and flexibility of the applications you use to interact with your AS/400 host.

There are common elements within both the Connection Configuration and Link Configuration dialog boxes, regardless of which Rumba Router link type you use to make a connection. Because of this, specifying settings does not vary on the Rumba Router and Security pages in the Connection Configuration dialog box, nor on the AS/400 AS/400 Link and Advanced pages of the Link Configuration dialog box.

When you select the Rumba Router, the Connection Configuration dialog box displays the Rumba Router and Security tabs in the second and third tab positions.

When you click the Rumba Router tab and add a new connection, you see the Link Configuration dialog box. This has three pages: