Standalone installation

  1. Double-click the appropriate Rumba .exe file.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Setup wizard.
  3. Choose a directory for Rumba to be installed to. Micro Focus recommend that you use the default directory. You can also choose the location for application data files.
  4. Select the language version you want to install. The default is the operating system language. If the operating system language is not English, French, or German, English is used.
  5. Select the installation type: Complete or Custom.
    • Complete: Installs all Rumba components. This option requires the most disk space.
    • Custom: This option has the same default items selected as the Complete option, but allows you to add or remove individual components. The Feature Description panel to the right of the component selection box shows the amount of disk space required for each feature.

Setup creates a Micro Focus Rumba directory in your Windows Start menu from which you can access all the Rumba products and related tools that you have installed.