MPE file transfers

For HP sessions only, file transfer capabilities are now available for systems using the MPE host environment. When you are connected in MPE mode, HPXFER is the only protocol available. MPE file transfers are always Rumba Initiated.

MPE file transfers require special setup by the host administrator. Follow these steps to set up MPE file transfers:

  1. In the registry, create a new value:


    The type of the value is DWORD and the value should be set to 1.

  2. When the File Transfer dialog box appears, a new button labeled BootStrap will be visible.
  3. Click BootStrap to transfer the WALLXFER.BIN configuration file to the MPE system.
  4. After the WALLXFER.BIN file is on the host, set its file permissions to execute (X) and move it to the PUB.SYS group.
  5. Once the file has been transferred for the first time, the BootStrap functionality should be disabled by deleting the registry key or changing its value to 0.
Note: This procedure must be done once for each MPE system you will use to transfer files.