Changing the library list on the AS/400 host

When AS/400 File Transfer starts, Rumba reads the QDFTJOBD (default job description) file on the AS/400 and displays the list of libraries included in this file. To display other host libraries which your users have access to, you must change the QDFTJOBD file. You can change the file for the entire system or for a single user.

To change the QDFTJOBD file of a single user:

  1. Copy the QDFTJOBD file into a new host library.
  2. Change the library list as needed in the copied QDFTJOBD file.
  3. Update the user profile to reflect the new QDFTJOBD file. Generally, the host uses the QDFTJOBD file in the QGPL library by default.

To change the QDFTJOBD file for the entire system, follow only the instructions Changing the library list in the QDFTJOBD file.

If you need to change the QDFTJOBD file during a file transfer session, select Transfer > Request Libraries to update the current library list.