AS/400 macro commands

An asterisk (*) indicates macro commands that you cannot record, but can create and edit in the Macro Editor.

Connect the PC to the AS/400 host.
Compare Values*
Compare two character strings or variables, and perform the specified commands based on the results.
Cursor Position
Position the cursor on the host screen.
Disconnect the PC from the AS/400 host.
Exit Macro
End the macro sequence.
Goto Label*
Jump to the specified Label command in the macro sequence.
Send a function key to the host application.
Create a marker in the macro sequence to which a Goto Label command can jump.
Show a dialog box with the specified message.
Pause Macro*
Pause the macro sequence for the specified number of seconds.
Create a dialog box that prompts the user for input.
Search the host screen for the specified characters.
Copy From
Copy selected areas of a display screen to the clipboard for pasting into an application or display screen.
Paste To
Paste clipboard information to an open application or session.
Run Application*
Run an application on the local PC.
Send the specified characters or variable to the host screen.