Enhanced capabilities using ReflectionLegacySession

The Micro Focus Rumba+ VBA Add-On supports a subset of the Micro Focus Reflection for IBM 14.x methods and properties. These extended methods and properties are manifested in the ReflectionLegacySession object, and provide additional emulation functionality, such as:

  • Cursor information
  • Screen Selection
  • Clipboard manipulaton
  • Field and text searching options
  • Connection information
  • Multiple screen wait options

For details of these methods and properties, see the Reflection for IBM 14.x - Programming Reference. For more information, see the VBA Editor Help.

This example launches Rumba+, creates a new mainframe session, sets some connection settings, then connects to the specified host. Notice how an instance of the ReflectionLegacySession object is created and used.

Dim App As RumbaApplicationObject
Dim Emul As RumbaEmulationSessionObject
Dim ReflectionSession As ReflectionLegacySession
Dim SessID As Integer
Sub RunRumbaAndGetData()
    ' Create Rumba Application object:
    Set App = CreateObject("MicroFocus.Rumba")
    'Create Mainframe Display session:
    SessID = App.CreateSession(RumbaSessionType_MainFrameDisplay)
    ' Get Emulation Session object:
    Set Emul = App.GetSession(SessID)
    ' Set connection parameters
    Emul.HostName = "csimvs"
    Emul.Port = 23
    ' Create a Reflection legacy session object and connect
    Set ReflectionSession = CreateReflectionLegacySession(Emul, App)
End Sub