Launching Rumba+ and creating a session

The following example launches Rumba+, creates a new mainframe session, sets some connection settings, then connects to the specified host:
Sub RunRumba()
    Dim App As RumbaApplicationObject
    Dim Emul As RumbaEmulationSessionObject
    Dim SessID As Integer

    ' Create Rumba Application object:
    Set App = CreateObject("MicroFocus.Rumba")
    'Create Mainframe Display session:
    SessID = App.CreateSession(RumbaSessionType_MainFrameDisplay)
    ' Get Emulation Session object:
    Set Emul = App.GetSession(SessID)
    ' Set connection parameters and connect:
    Emul.HostName = "csimvs"
    Emul.Port = 23
End Sub