Reflection for the Web Installation Guide

Reflection for the Web terminal emulation software enables users to access IBM, UNIX, Unisys, OpenVMS, and HP data via a browser. Administrators use Management and Security Server (MSS) to centrally manage, secure, and assign Reflection for the Web sessions.

Reflection for the Web 13.1 includes Management and Security Server version 12.6 SP1.

Your Reflection for the Web license also entitles you to the Security Proxy (except the Limited Edition) and the Terminal ID Manager.

This guide walks you through the steps to install and upgrade to Reflection for the Web 13.1.

What’s New

At a glance, here’s what’s new in Reflection for the Web version 13.1:

  • Updated Management and Security Server to 12.6 SP1 (12.6.10.nnn).

  • Updated Apache Tomcat to 9.0.33.

  • Manual installation is no longer supported. Use the automated installer for your platform.

    If your current version was installed using manual installation files -- and you cannot use an automated installer -- contact Support for guidance.

See also Reflection for the Web 13.1 Release Notes.

As a reminder

As you begin to use Reflection for the Web, note these reminders.

  • Compatibility requirements. Be sure to upgrade components and add-on products.

    The Security Proxy (and any MSS Add-on product) must be the same <major>.<minor>.<update> version as Management and Security Server (MSS).

    For example, when you upgrade to Reflection for the Web 13.1, which uses MSS version 12.6 SP1 (12.6.10), be sure to upgrade the Security Proxy to version 12.6.10.

  • TLS is required for security.

  • Cumulative changes. The changes in the Reflection for the Web 13.0 hotfixes are included in version 13.1.

  • The Reflection for the Web Reference Guide includes scripting, HTML examples, and other advanced topics.

If you are evaluating

If you are running an evaluation copy, the product will be fully functional for 120 days. During that time you can install, configure, and test Reflection for the Web.

Follow the installation steps in this guide, and then walk through the evaluation scenario presented in Evaluating Reflection for the Web.

Please contact Micro Focus or your authorized reseller to obtain the full-use version of the software.

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