5.0 Installation Variations

The manual installation files are no longer available for the Reflection for the Web product or the individual components. If you are upgrading a manual installation, choose from these options.

  • Solaris. Use the nojre automated installer on a Solaris platform. See Installing with no JRE.

  • Individual components. The Metering Server, Security Proxy Server, and Terminal ID Manager are part of Management and Security Server and are installed by the MSS automated installer.

    Manual installation is no longer an option for individual components.

  • If you cannot use a Reflection for the Web automated installer, contact Support for assistance.

5.1 Installing with no JRE

If you prefer to use your existing Java Runtime Environment (JRE), or if you are installing Reflection for the Web on Solaris, use the nojre installation package. The JRE must be Java 1.8 or higher.

  1. To use any of the -unix-nojre- installation packages, confirm that a JRE appropriate for your platform is already installed.

    For example, to install Reflection for the Web on a z/Linux machine, download the JRE from this location: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/linux/download.html

  2. Expand the package you want to use, such as