NetIQ Secure API Manager 1.1 Administration Guide

  NetIQ Secure API Manager 1.1 Administration Guide
    Getting Started
      Accessing the Management Console
      Accessing the Administration Console
      Changing the Password for the Global Administrator
      Accessing the Appliance Management Console
      Accessing the Publisher and the Store
    Configuring Secure API Manager
      Configuring the Access Manager Integration
      Configuring Throttling
      Configuring Analytics
      Configuring Logging to a Syslog Server
    Managing Roles and Users
      Understanding the Secure API Manager Roles
      Managing Users
    Managing Secure API Manager
      Monitoring Secure API Manager
      Restarting Secure API Manager
      Adding a Patch Update
    Managing the Appliance
      Setting Administrative Passwords
      Configuring Time Settings
      Managing the Digital Certificates
      Viewing and Managing System Services
      Viewing the Open Ports in the Firewall
      Sending Information to Support
      Adding a Field Patch to the Appliance
      Performing an Online Update
      Upgrading the Appliance
      Restarting or Shutting Down the Appliance
      Logging Out
      Help Buttons Not Working
    Administration URLs Reference
      Appliance Management Console
      Management Console
      Administration Console
    Legal Notice