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Licensing Database Connectors

Database Connectors require a separate license to run on Server Enterprise Edition. The information you need to install the license is included here.

You may request a license file for one or more users. The number of users (user limit) is set in your license agreement with Micro Focus. When you receive your products, the package includes product codes and keys for Database Connectors. You must have the product codes and keys to create the license file. When you install or update your license file, place it in the bin directory of Database Connectors; Database Connectors expects the license file to be in the same directory as the executable file and must be able to locate its license file in order to function. If you have multiple users or interfaces, you may copy the license file onto each machine containing Database Connectors or place Database Connectors and your license file on a shared drive.

The Activator utility automates the process of creating a license file. When you install Database Connectors, the Activator utility, activator.exe is installed for you in the installation directory by default. The last screen of the install has a check box for launching Activator. Launch the Activator to enter a new or updated product code and key. Note that Activator is case-insensitive and displays only uppercase characters. Activator also ignores embedded spaces and separating characters. License codes and keys do not contain the letters "O" or "I". When you have entered your product codes and keys, Activator displays a dialog box that confirms whether license file activation was successful.

Note: If license activation was successful, but you get a message during Database Connectors startup indicating that the license file cannot be found, the license file may not be in the proper directory. Activator determines where to place the license file based on entries in the Windows registry. If no registry entry is found, the license file is placed in the same directory as the Activator executable.
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