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Base Class Library


Base is an abstract class which provides default methods for instance creation and copying, hashing, error handling and and comparisons. Base is the superclass of all other classes in the Class Library.

Class-Control Entry

Include this entry in the Class-Control paragraph of any program using this class.

Base is class "base"



buttonClass Methods

Instance Methods

addSpy Using lnkObject lnkMethod
addSpyCallback Using lnkCallback
basicCopy Returning result
becomes Using lnkObject
class Returning result
className Returning aString
CompatibilityError Returning lnkResult
connect Using lnkOutputComponent lnkInputComponent lnkSocketId
connectTo Using lnkInputComponent lnkSocketId
containsCharacters Returning lnkbool
containsDBCSCharacters Returning lnkbool
copy Returning result
copyContents Using lnkObject
Returning lnkBool
dealloc Using lnkPtr
deepCopy Returning lnkCopy
deepfinalize Returning defaultreturn
deepfinalizeWithDepth Using lnkDepth
Returning defaultreturn
defineInSocket Using lnkSocketId
description Returning aString
disconnectSignal Using lnkSignalId lnkComponent
dispatchEvent Using lnkEvent
Returning lnkResult
doEvent Using lnkEventIndex
Returning lnkResult
doIdleProcessing Returning lnkbool
equal Using anotherstring
Returning lnkresult
finalize Returning result
getSignalHandlers Using lnkSignalId
Returning lnkSignalHandlers
getTraceLevel Returning lnktraceLevel
hash Returning ahashvalue
isBitmap Returning lnkbool
isClass Returning lnkbool
isColor Returning lnkbool
isComp5 Returning lnkBool
isCompX Returning lnkBool
isDBCSCharacterArray Returning lnkbool
isDBCSEnvironment Returning lnkbool
isDesktop Returning Bool
isIcon Returning lnkbool
isInputSignal Using lnkSocketId lnkSignalId
Returning lnkBool
isMenu Returning lnkbool
isMenubar Returning lnkbool
isMenuParent Returning lnkbool
isMetaClass Returning lnkBool
isOutputSignal Using lnkSignalId
Returning lnkBool
isPopUp Returning lnkbool
isPrinter Returning lnkbool
isProcessItem Returning lnkbool
isSequenced Returning lnkbool
isSubMenu Returning lnkbool
isTypeOf Using lnkClass
Returning lnkbool
isWindow Returning lnkbool
malloc Using lnkSize
Returning lnkPtr
reallydeepfinalize Returning defaultreturn
registerBaseMessageFile Returning msgfh
removeSignalDependant Using lnkObject
removeSpy Using lnkComponent
removeSpyCallback Using lnkComponent lnkCallback
setDelegate Using aDelegate
setEvent Using lnkEventIndex lnkEventHandler
setTraceLevel Using lnktraceLevel
size Returning alength
sizeInBytes Returning acollectionsize
species Returning lnkClass
translateEvent Using lnkEventIndex lnkReceiver lnkTranslatedEvent
translateEventToSignal Using lnkEventId lnksignalObject lnkSignalId lnkParameter
whatdidntIUnderstand Returning lnkString