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Instances of Behavior are Object COBOL classes. Behavior provides basic behavior for Object COBOL class objects. Behavior is the Object COBOL metaclass, and Object COBOL applications do not send messages directly to Behavior itself.

However, all Object COBOL classes respond to the methods defined as instance methods of Behavior, and you can use any of the public methods defined here. For example, you could send the "allInstances" method to any class to get a collection of all the instances of that class currently instantiated.

Class-Control Entry

Include this entry in the Class-Control paragraph of any program using this class.

Behavior is class "behavior"



buttonClass Methods

Instance Methods

The list below does not include methods inherited from Base. For these methods, click the button below:


allClasses Returning result
allInstances Returning result
allmethods Returning aMethodList
baseClass Returning classhandle
basicnew Returning result
description Returning lnkString
getFileName Returning aFileName
GetNumberOfObjects Returning lnkNumObjects
handlefromfilename Using lnkFilename
Returning lnkClass
handlefromfilenameAndClassName Using lnkFilename lnkClassName
Returning lnkClass
immediatesubclasses Returning lnkimmediatesubclasses
implements Using lnkMessage
Returning lnkBool
isClass Returning lnkbool
isimmediatesubclass Using lnkclass
Returning lnkbool
isMetaClass Returning lnkBool
isSubclass Using lnkclass
Returning lnkbool
Name Returning aString
new Returning result
newIndexedInstance Using lnkNewSize
Returning lnkCollection
respondsTo Using lnkMessage
Returning lnkBool
superclass Returning lnkclass