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An instance of Callback stores a message which can be invoked later. In effect it wraps the block of code for a method inside an object which you can store or pass to other objects.

Send the "invoke" message to a Callback instance to execute the method stored inside it.


The maximum message length is 30 characters.

Class-Control Entry

Include this entry in the Class-Control paragraph of any program using this class.

Callback is class "callback"



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Instance Methods

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active Returning bool
addDependent Using aDependent
changed Using aFourByteParameter
deleted Using aFourByteParameter
description Returning lnkMessage
equal Using lnkCallback
Returning lnkBool
finalize Returning lnkObject
getDependents Returning lnkDependents
getMessage Returning lnkMessage
getParameter Using n
Returning anObject
getReceiver Returning lnkObject
invoke Using anarg1 anarg2 anarg3 anarg4 anarg5 anarg6 anarg7 anarg8 anarg9 anarg10notallowed
Returning lnkreturnparam
removeDependent Using lnkDependent