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A dbcspicx stores a COBOL pic x(n) enabling you to treat data of this type as an object. This class provides the basic comparison operators, display mechanism and hashing methods for pic x items.

See class cobolpicx.

Class-Control Entry

Include this entry in the Class-Control paragraph of any program using this class.

dbcspicx is class "dbcspicx"



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Instance Methods

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asCharacterArray Returning lnknewstring
asLowercase Returning newstring
asPicX Returning newobject
asSeparateLines Returning lnkCollection
asUppercase Returning newstring
at Using lnkCharIndexPosition
Returning lnkCharacter
atPut Using lnkCharIndex lnkCharacter
compareTo Using anArray
Returning lnkResult
concat Using lnkObject
Returning lnkNewObject
containsCharacters Returning lnkbool
containsDBCSCharacters Using lnkObject
Returning lnkBool
description Returning astring
equalsIgnoreCase Using anobject
Returning lnkbool
equalsIgnoreCasebyLengthValue Using comparelength comparevalue
Returning lnkbool
greaterThanbyLengthValue Using comparelength comparevalue
Returning lnkbool
greaterThanOrEqualByLengthValue Using comparelength comparevalue
Returning lnkbool
hash Returning lnkHashValue
indexOfString Using lnkObject lnkStartCharIndexPosition
Returning lnkCharIndexPosition
lessThanbyLengthValue Using comparelength comparevalue
Returning lnkbool
setValue Using lnkString
size Returning lnkCharLength
trimBlanks Returning lnkValue