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An instance of association stores key/data pairs. The key and data must both be objects, unless Association is cloned (by sending it the "newClass" message) to provide a class where the key, data, or both are intrinsics.

See method newClass.

Association is mostly used in conjunction with the Dictionary and IdentityDictionary classes. Either Association (or a clone of the Association class) is used as a template for instantiating a dictionary "ofValues", or instances of Association are stored in a dictionary "ofAssociations".

See class dictionary.

See class identitydictionary.

Class-Control Entry

Include this entry in the Class-Control paragraph of any program using this class.

Association is class "associtn"



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Instance Methods

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asCharacterArray Returning lnkString
dataSize Returning asize
dataType Returning dtemplate
deepCopy Returning lnkNewObject
deepfinalizeWithDepth Using lnkDepth
Returning defaultReturn
equalbyLengthValue Using aLength akeyobject
Returning lnkbool
getData Returning adataobject
getkey Returning akeyobject
getValue Returning avalue
greaterThanbyLengthValue Using alength akeyobject
Returning lnkbool
hash Returning hashvalue
keySize Returning asize
keyType Returning ktemplate
lessThanbyLengthValue Using aLength akeyobject
Returning lnkbool
setData Using adataobject
setkey Using akeyobject
setValue Using avalue